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Modern methods of construction (MMC), incorporates a range of innovative offsite and onsite modular construction techniques that move away from traditional build methods in order to improve business efficiencies, build quality, environmental performance, sustainability and the predictability of delivery timescales.

We provide impartial advice on MMC including comparing modern methods of construction vs traditional methods. Plus, we offer a modular construction consultancy service (a shadow PM/QS/EA role).

With a lot of uncertainty and myths surrounding MMC, in particular the volumetric modular form of construction, it pays to work with MMC professionals who can guide you through everything from complexity of design, contractual relationships, procurement, tendering process, modular suppliers and contractors to upfront commitments, selection of design team, longevity, warranties and funding, insurance and cost. 

Main Forms of MMC

Light Gauge Steel frame (LGS) – Panelised

Consisting of 2D panelised structural frames fabricated using cold formed steel sections, LGS provides load bearing structure in low to medium rise buildings and is bolted together off-site to form panels.

Light Gauge Steel frame (LGS) - Volumetric Modular

Consisting of 3D structural frames fabricated using cold formed steel sections, LGS volumetric modular construction is an off-site construction method where buildings are put together by connecting a series of large pre-built sections, or 'modules'.

Hot Rolled/Light Gauge Steel Combination - Volumetric Modular or Panelised

The introduction of hot rolled sections to either LGS 2D or 3D systems (above) enables further flexibility in design. In volumetric modular, the combination of both hot and cold rolled steel enables greater spans to be achieved (where hot rolled sections are introduced horizontally: ‘line-loads’) or greater building heights to be achieved (through the introduction of hot rolled steels to the corners of modules: ‘point loads’). The combination resolves the restriction of the LGS framing systems.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

A layered engineered wood panel product, CLT is a good choice of construction where low-embodied-carbon materials are required and where the aesthetic requirements for a dimensionally stable exposed timber finish are needed. CLT has high strength and dimensional stability.

Pods - Mini Volumetric Structural Units/Mini Volumetric Modular

Pods, typically bathroom pods, are commonly a steel frame composite or made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and are robust, low maintenance and cost effective. Pods use volumetric construction principles but are smaller in size than modular units and are typically installed into traditional structural frames. Pod construction includes plasterboard, ceramic or porcelain tiles, sanitaryware and brassware and are used for bathrooms, shower rooms, office washrooms, plant rooms and kitchens. 

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