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The success of any building project depends on tailored project management services that address your particular industry concerns: retail clients focus on speed to market and cost; critical facility clients are concerned about the resilience of their built assets.

We provide comprehensive project and construction management services that enable us to deliver successful projects of all scales and complexities, from roll-out programmes, to highly technical projects that use ground-breaking technology. Not only do we meet your construction needs, we do so within the context of your unique business requirements.

By using our considerable project management experience, we tailor our services to ensure deadlines are met, costs are kept to budget, and project objectives are successfully delivered.

Client Representative

A client representative works with various stakeholders on a project, sharing information and ensuring the right people have input. But ultimately, they work for you – the client – to protect your interests and act as an independent adjudicator to ensure the entire team are working towards a common goal.

In our role as a client representative, we combine our expertise in the construction environment and creative process to work between the design team and the contractors and quickly address any conflicts or issues that occur. In doing so, we prevent costly mistakes and delays. It also means you don’t have to deal with the worry of project development and the delivery process.

Through focused and efficient processes, we’re able to achieve time and financial savings, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Construction Management

When thinking about procuring construction works, construction management can be an effective alternative to traditional procurement methods. This is especially true if you’re happy to be actively involved in the management of the costs and risks associated with your project.

Our highly qualified construction management team have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day workings of a construction site and so are able to drive your project forward, without the need for a principal or management contractor.

In addition, we can also carry the project management function as well, which ensures the quality of your build remains high and is delivered within your budget.

Engineering Project Management

Engineering services projects carry significant risks. When programme risks are poorly managed costs inevitably increase, the building programme is compromised and project success is jeopardised.

We have the core engineering skills to project manage the design and installation of complicated engineering systems including controls, security, refrigeration, mechanical transportation, and fire systems. As well as major infrastructure replacement programmes including lift and escalator replacement, CO2 refrigeration, cooling infrastructure replacement and sprinkler systems.

We’re also adept at working in challenging ‘live’ environments, such as critical facilities and data centres, where downtime is unacceptable.

Our experience ensures we de-risk your project from the outset, to ensure your programme is maintained and your operations remain unaffected.

Employer's Agent

Part contract manager, part cost manager and part project manager, an employer’s agent role has grown in recent years and is a valuable appointment if you have an uncomplicated building project and want the security of a fixed cost.

As an employer’s agent, we can successfully co-ordinate and manage the contractual process throughout the planning, design, construction and post-completion phases of the project. With our strong cost management experience, we closely examine project costs to enable you to maintain tight financial control. We also co-ordinate all members of the design team to ensure your project objectives are achieved.

 With our excellent communication skills, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as strict cost and programming management, we’re able to help you deliver a successful project.

Project Management

Building projects are successful for two reasons: when there is a meticulous co-ordination of activities. And when there are effective channels of communication between all parties, from project teams to building occupants. This comes down to good leadership and project management.

Our project management knowledge ensures we drive down costs, reduce risks, deliver projects more quickly, minimise impact to trade and internal operations, and overcome difficult site issues. 

We ensure that all parties working on your project are focused on achieving your current objectives as well as your long-term business goals. The combination of rigorous process, communication and constructive solutions ensures project success.

Programme Management

When a number of projects are being delivered at the same time, programme management is essential in order to avoid unnecessary repetition or increased costs.

Our extensive experience in this area allows us to manage risk, time, cost and quality, and maintain strict control throughout the design, procurement and construction process. Plus, we ensure our programme and delivery methods are robust and transparent.

We’re committed to driving out waste and improving efficiencies, so we also make sure that everyone working on your project understands that need to work collaboratively. This gives all the blue chip clients we work with a high level of confidence and assurance.

Strategic Project Management

When multi-million pound projects or programmes become particularly complex or run into difficulties because of geographical boundaries or new technologies, the need for robust strategic project management becomes apparent.

In these situations, we use our experience to quickly grasp the scale and complexity of the situation and assess the needs of the stakeholders involved. Then we put together a project structure that satisfies everyone’s requirements.

Our leadership and management skills enable us to communicate clearly down the supply chain to ensure all relevant parties deliver what is required, enabling us to successfully manage extremely complicated and large scale projects.

Tenant Surveyor

A tenant surveyor's role is to safeguard the interests of prospective commercial or retail tenants looking to move into a shopping centre, retail shopping park or commercial office development.

Whether it’s a nationwide roll-out programme or a one-off scheme, our tenant surveyors work with the team from initial inception right through to construction and commissioning to successful completion and handover of the project. We oversee fit-out works and ensure your requirements are met in terms of quality, costs and programme timings.

By employing us as skilled negotiators, you’ll ensure your future premises are delivered on time, on budget and to an agreed high standard.


What does a construction project manager do?
A project manager is pivotal to the success of any construction project, with their primary roles and responsibilities integral to both the planning and delivery phases. Through a holistic approach they manage and oversee a wide range of the projects' key processes and deliverables, whether its' programme management, budget reporting, or, coordination and organisation of the project team.

What is construction project management?
Construction project management is the process of managing and leading the project with and on behalf of the client, to successfully meet the clients project brief, with the engagement of specialist consultants and contractors, through some or all RIBA project stages.

What are the duties of a project manager in construction?
A project manager in construction can also be referred to as a construction project manager. Construction project managers oversee all elements of the building process, working closely with specialist consultants to develop plans and schedules. The duties of a project manager include:

  • Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Time Management
  • Risk Management
  • Delegation
  • Cost Management
  • Project Communication
  • Relationship Management.