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To meet today’s business challenges around sustainability, productivity and improving efficiencies, organisations require support with the strategic decision-making process.    

We provide advisory services that draws on decades of sector-specific, real-world experience in the built environment, to bring a new perspective, new thinking and new approach to current industry challenges. By taking a big picture approach, we ensure better outcomes for our clients.

Whether your concerns are delivering net zero projects, estate transformation, government policies, digital workforces or infrastructure, we’re committed to providing the tools needed to help drive effectiveness and efficiencies, in order for you to meet your strategic objectives.

Carbon Advisory

As part of our wider group, The Footprint Company™ joined TSA in 2022 bringing the knowledge gained from +340,000,000 m2 of building and precinct assessments in 17 countries.

Collectively as a group, we offer strategic carbon advisory on property and infrastructure projects, as well as access to proprietary enterprise software and data integration options for the whole of life carbon assessment of developments.

Our aim is to enable the property and construction industry to deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2040 by reducing the cost and complexity of achieving Net Zero carbon design and translating the latest research and data insights into simple, easy-to-understand, ready-to-use actions.

 Our services include:

  • Tools to measure embodied carbon from feasibility and business case through to as-built
  • Establish initial upfront embodied carbon impact and provide overall offset feasibility strategies and ratings guidance
  • Benchmarking to inform scale and performance targets
  • Engaging with design team and support major pathway design iterations
  • Monitor against targets and benchmarks
  • Benchmark and performance improvement strategy for capital works.
Decision Support

Making data-driven informed decisions is key to helping you deliver your organisations strategic objectives and strategies.

Our Advisory Services team helps the decision-making process around investment within organisations, through programme and portfolio management, feasibility studies and options appraisal.

Development Management

Development management is about delivering robust development appraisals in order to assess the viability of a project, to provide cost and programme certainty, and to eliminate areas of risk.

Our experienced development managers can advise you on how decisions around planning, design, construction and procurement can impact your project's timescales and eventual success. And we also make recommendations on the implications and timing of the numerous legal agreements/appointments, and assist in the compilation and finalisation of development agreements, heads of terms and non-disclosure agreements.

We also co-ordinate a number of stakeholders including funding bodies, leasing teams, site acquisition teams, PR representatives, legal advisers, asset and fund managers, statutory and local authority bodies.

With experience across a variety of sectors, our development management team can make a significant contribution to the success of your project.

Digital Services

Construction projects can be better optimised when data is readily available and collaboration between stakeholders is made as simple as possible. Smarter data means smarter projects.

At Henry Riley, we're industry leaders in innovative digital services. We operate from the feasibility stage through design and construction, operation and repurpose, with lifecycle costing and management.

In addition, we’re involved with nima, formely the UK BIM Alliance to help the industry adopt BIM and digital practices, This includes working with the UK BIM Framework as part of ISO 19650. We have also improved our own working environments and processes, such as agile working and utilising software, in order to deliver our services effectively and efficiently within a digital environment.

By working with you to set up new ways to collaborate digitally and to manage construction data, costs can be reduced, processes made quicker and more accurate, and efficiencies improved.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence service gives you an independent and comprehensive review of all the risks associated with a prospective development, whether it’s an individual project or an entire programme.

We assess and report on all financial, operational, contractual and construction elements, identify risks, and advise on specific risk mitigation strategies that could be put in place.
Our reports include a summary of key issues and recommendations, so even non-technical decision-makers have all the management information required to make effective investment decisions.

Estate Optimisation and Transformation

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of the environment in which you operate, so you know where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

We advise on the development of service/clinical strategies, which drive the key enablers, infrastructure, workforce, finance, digital and sustainability.

Expert Witness

We appreciate that projects don’t always run smoothly. Which is why we have a nominated in-house advisor who is able to advise on dispute avoidance and resolution options, risks and likely outcomes.

We work with some of the leading legal advisors to provide advice and professional services appropriate to each dispute, whether it's due to be decided by expert determination, adjudication, arbitration or litigation.

By providing insight, accurate information and practical recommendations, issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

MMC Advisory

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Project Audits

The examination and confirmation of construction costs is a fundamental part of the audit process.
Our highly skilled team, carry out a detailed analysis of the construction contract and can advise you of any time, cost or quality risks or weaknesses, and the most effective way to reduce significant risks.

This service ensures your investment in the development project is protected.

Project Monitoring

Property developments require rigorous investment monitoring.

We have an extensive track record liaising with financial institutions and third party advisors to carry out independent project reviews and careful project monitoring to ensure investments are viable and effectively managed.

Each project benefits from the active participation of one of our senior managers, whose extensive experience ensures a timely, responsive and effective project monitoring service is delivered.

We ensure your money is not being overspent due to poor management and project control, and your interests are protected and investment safeguarded. It’s why we’re appointed by some of the UK’s major development lenders.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is crucial in today's complex building environment. So it’s important to seek advice early to minimise the impact of risk on your construction project.

Our technical specialists offer advanced risk management services to enable you to fully understand your exposure to risk and give you a decision-making framework that will help enhance the overall performance of the project. Often working from the development management stage we devise risk management strategies that balance return and investment.

Our processes improve stakeholder confidence while minimising the number of disputes and claims made and ensure that building programmes meet budgetary, quality and time objectives. Ultimately, of course, they improve profitability and give you a greater return on your investment.

Technical Advisory

A technical advisory service underpins informed strategy develop and investment decisions and supports the efficient and effective ‘business as usual’ management of your estate.

Our informed and experienced advisory team offers utilisation surveys, risk management, fund monitoring and technical due diligence to support the ongoing management of your assets.