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Health and safety considerations are critical to any organisation both internally with staff and also externally with those affected by our work. Without them productivity can be affected, morale reduced and, of course, the business can be negatively impacted.

With a pragmatic approach that takes your commercial needs into consideration, we can provide all the advice you need to ensure you meet your health and safety obligations, as well as your wider organisational objectives and strategic goals. We make sure you fully comply with these obligations under UK health and safety law and apply appropriate asset protection and risk mitigation for your organisation.

Having a robust health and safety strategy in place ensures peace of mind for your managers, personnel, investors and other key stakeholders.

CDM Advisor

A construction, design and management (CDM) advisor has a crucial role in any construction project. By working to support the principal designer in the execution of their statutory duties and by bringing together designers, construction teams, and health and safety personnel at the design stage/pre-construction stage, a CDM advisor can assist with occupational safety tactics and the mitigation of risks by addressing any potential construction, future maintenance and eventual dismantling health and safety issues early on.

Our innovative and experienced CDM advisors are adept at coming up with creative solutions that reduce costs and risks without reducing quality. This is because they have a thorough knowledge of the design and construction processes and current health and safety practices. In addition, they understand how buildings perform across their entire lifecycle, from assessment of constructability, to future maintenance and eventual demolition.  

We also offer site auditing inspections for third parties and confidential reports, as well as documentation development including CDM manuals and tailored health and safety file systems, which incorporate operation and maintenance manuals.

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H&S Management Consultancy

Compliance with health and safety legislation is not optional. Any company found to be working in contravention of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation, is liable to be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive and, if appropriate, prosecuted. If there’s been an accident, the body corporate and, in some cases, the directors responsible may also be subjected to a large fine or in serious cases imprisonment.

Our dedicated health and safety team have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to work with you to ensure you meet all your statutory obligations under health and safety law. We do this by understanding your process and procedures then undertaking an analysis to assess compliance. From the assessment we then implement plans to update and ensure compliance, if necessary.

In order to ensure compliance during the construction phase we carry out independent audits on safety management systems and site processes, as well as site activity compliance inspections and monitoring. What’s more, we’re able to produce reports promptly and bring your organisation up to compliance standards as soon as possible.

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Principal Designer

To ensure the health and safety of everyone working on a project, important decisions must be made during the pre-construction phase. These decisions must take into account the Health & Safety at Work Act, and CDM 2015 requirements in terms of design and other associated legislation.

On construction projects where more than one contractor is appointed, we act as principal designer, with responsibilities for planning, managing and monitoring the co-ordination of the health and safety aspects of the design through the pre-construction phase of a project.

By employing the services of a principal designer, legal compliance is met, you do not assume the role by default, and project related health and safety design risks are eliminated or reduced where possible, or steps are taken early on in the process to mitigate those risks.

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