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Cost management is fundamental to the success of your capital investment and at every stage you need rigorous cost control systems in place.

We help you protect your investment by establishing an affordable budget that meets your aspirations, then managing costs throughout the whole process, from design and procurement to the construction of your building project. We do this thanks to the experience of our team. All of our projects are actively director-led, giving you the benefit of our most experienced people.

As a result, we have acquired a large number of blue chip clients, many referrals and a high level of repeat business.

Cost Consultancy

Cost planning and cost control are key to the success of any built project: early cost management in construction adds significant value. While robust cost control throughout the entire project lifecycle ensures expenditure and cash flow forecasts match funds available.

Our skilled surveyors are adept at providing reliable cost forecasts for any type of project, across a wide range of sectors. It means programme time is reduced, no adverse issues emerge at the tender stage and cost certainty is introduced as early as possible.

Likewise, our surveyors ensure costs are carefully managed throughout the project by monitoring and negotiating variations; monitoring and managing cash flow, payments on account, and valuations; regular financial reporting; final account preparation; negotiation and sign-off.

Through robust cost planning and rigid cost control, we ensure the risk of programme delays and cost overruns are minimised.

Engineering Cost Management

With engineering services on modern buildings costing up to 40% of the total fit-out - due to new technologies, environmental considerations, and an increase in legislation - building projects increasingly need sophisticated and informed cost advice.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to establishing accurate construction budgets; in identifying best value options; and in implementing measures that mitigate the cost of change. All of this is done against a background of delivering effective sustainability outcomes and in consideration of whole life cost.

Our cost engineering management services bring you cost certainty, risk reduction and claims avoidance. As a result, we have an exceptional track record on building long-term client relationships and winning repeat business.


Sound procurement advice that’s knowledgeable, informed and industry specific - and helps you make informed business decisions that increase the value of your investment - is key to the success of any project.

We have extensive experience in all procurement methods and excel in procurement strategy. Plus, we understand how your development and business objectives are interlinked. It means we can advise you on specific procurement processes: drafting, tailoring and amending contracts in conjunction with legal advisors for specific projects; advising on procurement and contract strategy; and interpreting standard forms.

In addition, our risk mitigation skills are well-known, so we’re often asked to support our clients' procurement departments with bulk buying initiatives, in support of their roll-out programmes.