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At Henry Riley, we pride ourselves on our strong values and culture and value our reputation for always doing the right thing. The creation of social value via social, economic, and environmental wellbeing is at our core, and embedded in all our processes and the way we work. Our aim is, and always has been, to generate benefits to our business, the communities we work in, and wider society. We understand that our business doesn't stop at the front door; it extends into our neighbouring communities, through our supply chain and leaves a legacy in the built and natural environment. We have therefore developed a policy that affects and enhances all areas of our business to ensure that corporate social responsibility is fundamental to how we operate.

Employment and Skills

We provide work experience opportunities with local schools and colleges and are committed to creating local employment opportunities and apprenticeships within the areas where we operate. We also take people from outside of the construction industry and retrain them through our non-cognate programme.

We’re committed to removing barriers into employment in construction to those people from under-represented groups, as well as offering employment opportunities to those who have served in our armed forces.

We support and upskill our staff and equip them with new skills for the future, as well as providing opportunities for staff to advance their careers through development and training. We ensure all our staff are trained and competent in health and safety practices.

Local Business and Economy

We aim to procure goods and services through local businesses and suppliers to improve capability and grow sustainability. 

We pay all our suppliers on time and are committed to developing an ethical supply chain.

Community Engagement

We support likeminded charities which focus on local needs and issues, and promote volunteering activities which benefit the local community.

We work with educational institutions and organisations to promote careers in the construction industry. 


We aim to reduce the impact our business has on the environment via our Environmental Management System and we’re committed to developing a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

We will ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

We recognise that we also have a responsibility to help guide and influence in order to achieve better environmental performance on projects.

To minimise our carbon footprint, we recycle waste, we encourage low/no printing through the use of dual screen IT, we have adopted hybrid working, we encourage use of public transport & were appropriate avoid travelling to meetings where suitable alternatives are available, we encourage cycling to work & reduce electricity consumption through use of PIR’s in the offices. 

As part of our Vision to become a more sustainable business, and to further our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we aim to be Net Zero by 2040. We are pleased to confirm that we are CarbonNeutral® company certified and have voluntarily published our Carbon Reduction plan here.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to create a progressive business where our people can thrive and everyone is valued.

We foster a culture of inclusion where we can all be our authentic selves in the workplace, and we are working towards a workplace that reflects the diverse society around us.

We provide a healthy, safe, inclusive and creative working environment that respects equality and diversity and that supports people in reaching their ambitions and goals.

Health and Wellbeing

We support our staff in maintaining positive mental health and an appropriate work life balance by offering flexible working, providing access to a mental health first aider and offering mindfulness, counselling and therapy sessions in the workplace.

We also offer a rewards and benefits scheme to all staff. 


We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of conduct and integrity to ensure compliance with ethical and legal standards and we will regularly monitor our performance and set long term targets to measure the impact of our activities. We will use feedback from our staff and clients to continually improve our performance, and we share and celebrate our achievements both internally and externally.

Social Value Certificate