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Throughout the pandemic, we have remained fully operational, with our business continuing to support all of our clients. We continue to monitor and follow Government guidance and will introduce measures as and when necessary.

Some key measures we continue to implement include:

  • Visiting site safely

    We are continuing to visit sites when required. PPE has been provided to all our people to use on site, and replacement PPE can be requested at any time.

  • Access to offices
    Our offices are open in line with the latest Government advice. We are requesting our people to take a lateral flow test before coming in and to check their temperature on arrival. Each person has been provided with an ‘office pack’ outlining the safety measures in place. We are also tracking who attends the office and when, so in the event of someone testing positive we can easily take the necessary steps to track and trace within the business. Meetings can now take place in the office as well. 
  • Our people working remotely with full system communications
    Our IT systems provide a VPN connection for remote access to our network. This enables our people full access to all project emails, documents and file management systems which allows transparency and continuity across the business in the event that cover is required for absence.
  • Limiting non-essential interaction and travel
    We are following all Government guidelines with respect to non-essential interactions and international travel. We have suspended all business-related international travel, all internal conferences, large meetings, and social events. External visitors are not currently permitted in any of the Henry Riley offices.
  • Self-isolation and testing in the event of any symptoms
    Our people have been asked to follow Government advice with regards to self-isolation in the event that they test positive for the virus. We are encouraging that those who are unwell with colds, flus or fever should to work from home until symptoms have passed.
  • Shadow Support in the event of diagnosis

    Each Client Manager has identified another member of the Delivery Team to act as a ‘shadow’ contact should they be absent for any period. They will be briefed on the project status of all project appointments, so we can maintain business continuity on all projects in the case of an absence.

We recognise that regular site attendance across projects is still crucial and a fundamental aspect of our service delivery. 

As a national business, we have a natural resilience as our people are spread across multiple office locations nationwide, as well as International locations. In addition, we have a bank of freelance workers, who are well known to us and at our disposal.

We can safely say that since March 2020 we have not seen any impact to the continuity of our service, and don’t foresee any future impact, but should the situation change we will notify all clients immediately. Although we believe the actions we have put in place are appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are in constant review. 

We will continue to update this page as needed.