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6th Feb 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

We talk to some Henry Riley apprentices of past and present about their experiences with us

It's National Apprenticeship Week 2023, which provides us with a great opportunity to catch up with some of our apprentices on what their experiences have been like. 

Why study with Henry Riley?

When choosing the apprenticeship route you are making a big decision, as you are committing both to a study option but also to an employer, putting your faith in them to support you as you learn. We are delighted to have been able to cultivate such a supportive environment, with our apprentices feeling as though they are thoroughly supported by the business and their colleagues:

"I chose to do my apprenticeship here due to the support that was offered throughout my studies as well as the number of apprentices within the company going through the same apprenticeship pathway, so there was always someone to have a relatable chat with."  - Pippa Whewell, Quantity Surveyor

"The best part of the apprenticeship experience for me is that there are quite a few people at Henry Riley who have completed their apprenticeship, are in the latter years of it or are in their first year/s like me. This makes it much easier to settle into both the apprenticeship and the work here knowing that many people have done or are doing the same thing ." - Callum Gurr, Assistant Quantity Surveyor

"I felt I could learn a lot from those that have already been through the process/ currently going through it. Henry Riley have established a strong mentoring web, and this means people at all levels can feel supported and flourish in this environment" - Maiya Fleming, Assistant Quantity Surveyor 

Learning on the job and in the classroom

For many of our apprentices, the chance to put theory into practice was what really appealed to them when choosing the apprenticeship route - for some, a continuation of studies from college, but for others, a chance to retrain into a whole new career path. 

"Henry Riley gave me exposure to every element of quantity surveying throughout my apprenticeship, gaining experience in a range of different situations. Quite often you find you are learning and understanding areas of the profession before you are even taught it at university. " - Alice Pither, Quantity Surveyor

"I get to have on the job experience rather than learning the theory of the role full time at university. I have supportive colleagues who have taught me things you wouldn’t learn at university." - Liam Usher, Assistant Quantity Surveyor

"As a later in life student, I have a salary and am learning an industry that I did not know I was interested in at the age of 18 - by my mid-20s I knew my career would be in construction, and at 28 I started my Apprenticeship at Riley’s." - Mike Jarvie, Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Opening up opportunities

We are very fortunate that many of our apprentices go on to stay with the business and study further, with current apprentices viewing Henry Riley as somewhere they wish to progress their studies and careers in construction.

Several of those that have been apprentices with us including Pippa, Alice and Rowan have all begun studying for their APC to become RICS qualified surveyors and we are delighted to support them through this process with us. And those who are currently studying are looking forward to taking the opportunity to stay with us and study for their APC's, too. 

The next generation

Through our partnership with Inspiring the Future, we hope to be able to inspire school and college pupils about construction as a viable and exciting career option, and an apprenticeship is an excellent way to begin their journey into the industry.

We are taking on some apprentices this year - contact recruitment@henryriley.com. 

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